Celtic Music Radio

October 8, 2012

Celtic Music Radio is based in Glasgow, Scotland, and has a mission to be a strong cultural voice for contemporary and traditional Scottish music, arts and culture, pioneering new frontiers in communication and broadcasting by including people that do not have access to mainstream media.

The service is targeted at the Glasgow area’s practising creative artists in a broad range of music and cultural endeavour across a range of genres of music, media and speech.

The service aims to advance education, in particular by promoting the performance, learning and appreciation of a broad spectrum of Celtic music and cultural activity; to enhance the understanding of this genre of music and be pro-active in the development of the rich heritage of Celtic music and Scottish culture.

Celtic Music Radio is primarily for the good of members of the public in order to deliver social gain, rather than for commercial reasons;

Celtic Music Radio is intended primarily to serve a particular
‘community of interest’;

Celtic Music Radio delivers its unique programmes on 1530 AM and by streaming audio Online on its website and during special events on
partner websites.

To ensure social inclusion and availability to all, Celtic Music Radio broadcasts on analogue radio on 1530 AM medium waveband in the Glasgow area of Scotland.

Celtic Music Radio was awarded an Ofcom Community Radio Licence in July 2007 has now been ‘on-air’ full-time since 16 January in 2008.


Celtic Music Radio  –  Training



“Celtic Music Radio will beScotland’s first educational broadcaster.”


This statement can be substantiated by our exceptional strong links with higher education, particularly with theUniversityofStrathclyde.


Since its foundations over 200 years ago, the University has evolved and expanded, while remaining true to the vision of its founder – to be the place of useful learning for all.


This joint partnership approach will provide industry focused training in media related business development and operational skills including radio programme research, programme planning, communication and presentation skills, interview skills, technical skills, broadcast journalism and feature development.


Individuals who are not involved with Celtic Music Radio and individuals who are not students of higher education, can develop education and training skills, knowledge of working solo and collaborating in teams with individuals with different skill sets, interests and goals to provide content, marketing, advertising and promotional products for live and recorded broadcasting on Celtic Music Radio. It would be helpful if any individual as outlined above did have an interest in the broad music and culture that is Celtic Music.


Modules will be put in place in association with our education partners.

Our educational involvement will be as follows:


• There will be involvement with our education partner, the University of Strathclyde and its staff, students and alumni in this, an embryonic entrepreneurial enterprise in the creative industries; quarterly review.


• There will be practical, industry focused contribution to the entrepreneurial teaching and learning of students and non students alike;


• There will be the creation of opportunities forUniversityofStrathclydestaff and students to interact with leading industry figures in the Celtic, media and broadcast industries, providing excellent, practically orientated opportunities for engagement and networking.


• Provide a case study on the establishment of media based business in the creative industries and a full platform of research and professional development opportunities across a range of professional and academic disciplines.


Celtic Music Radio is independent of theUniversityofStrathclydeand other educational partners.


However, our Training is not just about radio, it’s about gaining skills that can improve your life. This includes transferable skills which can improve your C.V. and confidence that could impress any employer.


We will show you how to work a broadcast mixing desk and other studio equipment so you can present or produce programmes. Many of the skills required to produce a programme on Celtic Music Radio are useful in everyday life as computer software is used in many of the programme production elements.


It is anticipated that our Training sessions and modules will commence early in 2008 following the launch ‘on-air’ of Celtic Music Radio.

 Expressions of interest should be emailed in the first instance to:



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