#788 May 2, 2015

May 2, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman


1 Ted Christopher/ Exile Nae Mair/Have You ever seen the Rain

2 Wendy MacIsaac/The C. B. Connection/ The Boys of the Town

3 Various artists/Heart of Scotland/Mull of Kintyre

4 Brendan Nolan & Colin Fearrell/Live at the Side Door/40 Shades of Green

5 Hugh McClean/The V B of Irish Love Songs/Where My Eileen is waiting For me

6 Kinnon & Betty Beaton/Saturday Night Lively/Generation Jig
7 Dinky Cameron/Put Me in Your Pocket/The Island Will always be here3:38

8 Dave MacIsaac/ The C B Connection/Gaelectric Blues

9 Dochas/Dochas/Eilean Uibhist Mo Ruin

10 The Rankin Family/ The Rankin Family/ Fiddle Medley

11 Stephen Quigg/Silver Sands/ Road to Drumleman

12 Donald Riddall/Highland Fiddler/Scott Skinners Welcome to Inverness

13 Mairi Rankin/First Hand/ The First Pint

MAY DAY has its origin in the Roman festival of Flora, goddess of flowers & fruit a celebration to mark the beginning of summer. Before 1752 it was a much longer celebration from April 28th to May 3.


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