#795 June 20 , 2015

June 20, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman

Father’s Day Show


1 Buddy MacMaster/The Judique Flyer/ St Elmo clog Set

2 Rod Walsh/Close to Home/ A Drink for my Father

3 Colin Grant/Jingrant on the sheep skin Fiddle

4 The Elders/Story Road/The Miners

5 Men of the Deeps/Coal Fire in Winter/Dads Old Dinner Pail

6 Pub Boys/ Lime Hill

7 The Elders/ Story Road/Fisherman

8 The Rankin Family/Fisherman’s Son

9 Gerry Holland & John Doyle/Helping Hands/ Helping Hands

10 Ted Christopher/Follow the Wild Geese Home/ The Old Mans Chair

11 Jerry Holland and John Doyle/Helping Hands/ The Farewell

12 Peter Gillis/Danny Boy

13 Morgan MacQuarry/Farewell to the Glen


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