#796 June 27, 2015

June 27, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman

Canada Day show


1 O Canada/ Music Builders Chorus
2 Carl MacKenzie/ Highland Fiddle & Dance/ Sonny Murray

3 Stan Rogers – Northwest Passage

4 The Sharecroppers/ This New Found Land

5 Stan Rogers – Make & Break Harbour

6 The Brigadoons/ Glengarry My Home

7 Carl MacKenzie/ Kings Reel

8 Rob Currie/ Miramichi Men
9 Ivonne Hernandez/ Playing With Fire/Old School: Old Reel of 8, Whiskey before breakfast
10 Stompin Tom/ My Home Cradled out in the Waves

11 Charlie MacKinnon/ The Causeway to the Isle

12 Hughie and Allan

13 Mabou Drones/Cape Breton Live radio


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