# 802 Aug 8, 2015 show log

August 8, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman


1 Colin Grant/Colin Grant/ Greenberg Jigs

2 Charlie MacKinnon/Sings Ballads of …/The Mormond Braes

3 The Beatons of Mabou/Aboundfing in Trad/ Anna Mae’s Reel

4 Connie Dover/ If Ever I Return/ Fear An Bhata

5 Celtic Crossroads/World Fusion/Clifden Jigs

6 Clancy Brothers/Finnigan’s Wake/ Bold Thady Quill

7 Kinnon & Betty Beaton/Sat Night Lively/Tom Dey Strathspey

8 Bannal/ Waulking Songs/Clo Mhicillemhicheil

9 Karen Beaton/Once Upon A Time/An Old Mabou Jig

10 Charlie MacKinnon/Sings songs of the …/ The Maidens Cave Parasborough

11 Troy Macgillivray/Live at the music room/Piano Reels

12 Beatons of Mabou/Abounding in Trad/The Council Gathering Jig set


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