#803 Aug 15, 2015 show log

August 15, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman


1 Gerry Holland & John Ferguson/Helping Hands/The Danish C B Society

2 Ted Christopher/ Follow the Wild Geese Home/ The Lion Roars

3 Colin Grant/Colin Grant/Newmill Brig

4 Buddy MacDonald/Feel the Air/Nancy Spain

5 Christy O’Leary/The Northern Bridge/The trip over the Mountain

6 Cherish the Ladies/ The Back Door/Paddy O’Brien’s,Toss the feathers 7 Buddy Wassisname & the Other Fellers/Greatest Misses/Saltwater Joys

8 Buddy MacMaster/The C B Connection/Stepdance Medley

9 Dolores Boudreau/Me Myself and Moi/Fear a Bhata

10 Heart of Scotland/ Glen Coe

11 Brenda Stubbert/Different Strokes 4 diff folks/Set for my granddaughter


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