# 804 Aug 22, 2015 show log

August 22, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman


News Item: A Mother Bear and her five cubs enjoy a neighbourhood pool.

Todays topics on the “Round Table” program


1 Brenda Stubbert/Different Strokes For Different Folks/Winston Jigs

2 Stephen Quigg/Silver Sands/I Wondered By a Brookside

3 Brenda Stubbert/Different Strokes For Different Folks/4 String Polka

4 Brenda S, Diff Strokes 4 Diff Folks/ Song For Ireland

5 Brendan Nolan/Live at the Side Door/The Forty Shades of Green

6 Doug Lamey/A Step Back In Time/Compliments to Buddy MacMaster

7 Ted Christopher/Follow the Wild Geese Home/The Auld Land

8 Rachel Davis/Turns / C Jig

9 Anam/Bright Fire/Mhurchaidh Bhig a Chinn

10 Carl MacKenzie/ Highland Fiddle & Dance/Jim Carroll

11 The Barra MacNeil’s/Closer to Paradise/Caladonia

12 Dawn & Margie Beaton /Taste of Gaelic/Rannie Grahams


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