# 816 November 14, 2015

November 14, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman


1 Brenda Stubbert/Endless Memories/ Jigs in G, set

2 Paddy Kelly/ A Song for Ireland/ MacDonell of the Heights

3 Doug Lamey/ A Step Back In Time/ Bill and Father John Angus

4 The Brigadoons/ /Live at dreambuilders/ Roseville Fair, Sonny’s Dream

5 W. Connelly/ Celtic Crossover/ /Fiddlers Green

6 The Brigadoons/ /Live at dreambuilders/ Ghosts of Culloden

7 Hughie and Allan/ Army memories

8 Howie MacDonald/ The Ceilidh Trail/A Memory of Angus

9 Nancy Lane/ Let Me Love You/ / Tout ce que veut Lola (Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets)

10 Pipes & Drums Kings Own Scottish Borderers/Blue Bonnets over the /Lochaber No More

11 The Brigadoones/ Kitchen Ceilidh 1/ Gallant Forty Twa

12 Leanne Aucoin/ All Set/ The Princess Royal


Driver-less car

WW 11

Jazz singer, Nancy Lane/ CD Let Me Love You


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