#818, November 28, 2015 show log

November 28, 2015

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Producer Host: Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman


News Item; Remembering Ron Hynes; Bio Paddy Kelly, and lots of great music


1 Howie MacDonald/ The Ceilidh Trail/ Clark Road (March)

2 Cyril MacPhee/ The Sounds of N. S Vol111/N S to me

3 Howie MacDonald/Live at West Mabou Hall/1st Figure W. Mabou

4 Paddy Kelly/The Irish In Me/Galway Girl

5 Cherish the Ladies/For Love of Erin/The Galway Rover

6 Foster & Allan/ Forty \Shades of Green/Galway Bay

7 Howie MacDonald/The Ceilidh Trail/Betty Matheson’s jig

8 Paddy Kelly/A Song For Ireland/ Field Behind the Plow

9 Robbie Fraser/ Tracy & Dave set

10 Lewis MacKinnon/An Toll Dubh

11 Karen Beaton/ Once Upon A Time/Miss Stewart’s Strathspey

12 Saphie – Sonny’s Dream

13 Ron Hynes/ Atlantic Blue

14 Brenda Stubbert/Different Strokes with different folks/Ironclad Waltz

15 Matt Minglewood/Still Rockin”/Kandahar2

16 Sarah Burnell/Return Ticket/Trip to Pakistan

16 Mike Hall/Dance \Hall/ Cathy “Big Alex” MacDonald


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