#825, January 16, 2016 show log

January 16, 2016

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Host Janet Stubbert
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Guest: Dr. Susan J. Palmer is a Canadian sociologist of religion. She teaches at Concordia University and is a researcher at McGill University. Her First Novel: Death by Budo, a mystery in NRM studies

Belated Happy Birthday: Anna MacLeod in Sackville, N. S. , and her son Wesley in Nfld.


1 Theme

2 Anna & John MacLeods grandter Saphie, singing Sonnys Dream

3 Mc Ginty, Sonnys Dream

4 Donald Riddall/ Highland Fiddler/Ian Gow-Hill of the Fox

5 Susan Palmer, Sounds of War From the Glen/ The Ewie with the crooked Horn

6 Susan Palmer, Sounds of War… / Linda Morrison – Tha Mi Sgith

7 Howie MacDonald, Ceilidh trail/ Harvey Beaton’s

8 Susan Palmer/ Sounds of War… / Linda Morrison / Tha Mi Na Morvenea

9 Kimberly Fraser/ Jigs with Stephanie

CD Sounds of War From the Glen/ Scottish Airs of the Highlands & the isles

Susan PalmerHarp, Laurence Beaudry – fiddle, Ken MacKenzie –Pipes, Gaelic Songs- Linda Morrison

Dr. Susan J. Palmer is the author of 11 academic books. Her first novel, Death By Budo, draws on her experience in a martial arts class, and as part of a team researching New Age channelers on the West Coast. She lives in Montreal with her family.
For further adventures in new religious research read Palmer’s “Caught Up in the Cult Wars: Confessions of a Canadian Researcher available on the blog longreads


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