#841 May 7, 2016

May 7, 2016

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Host Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman

Mothers Day and the Battle of the Atlantic


Belated Birthday Wishes: Wendy MacIsaac
1 Wendy MacIsaac/Timeline/Mom’s Feet
2 Jerry Holland/ Fiddlers Choice/For My Mother Dear
3 John McDermott/Old Friends/ Mother Mchree
4 Jerry Holland Music/ Fiddlesticks Collection/Fr. John Angus Rankin set
5 Vocals Kenny Walsh –Lyrics Ron Gillis/ May Every Day be Mothers Day
6 Eileen Donaghy/ Irish Love songs/A Mother’s Love is a Blessing
7 Anna McGoldrick/ Gentle Mother
8 Carl MacKenzie/C.B. Fiddle Medleys/ Little John’s Home
9 White Cliffs of Dover
10 Jerry Holland/ Hector the Hero
11 The Rankin Family/Mairi’s Wedding & Michael Rankin s Reel
12 Mary Sarah Rankin Stubbert – singing to her grandchildren
13 Margo Carruthers/Talant Nam Bard/ Dh’Fhailbh Mo Run (My love departed)
14 Donald Ridell/Highland Fiddler/Inverness Gathering, highland whiskey, left handed fiddler
15 Rob McLean/Two Little Angels/Gram’s song
16 Buddy MacMaster/ The Judique Flyer/ Fr. John Angus Rankin Set


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