#848 June 25, 2016

June 25, 2016

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Host Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman
Guest Rosanna Burton, Linguist from UK
# 848 June 25, 2016 Technical Producer Mark Korman

1 Bernie Legg/Highland Piper
2 Carl MacKenzie/C.B. Fiddle Medleys/Tarves Trippers
3 The Brigadoons/ The Accordion Man
4 Pub Singers/ Pure Irish/ A Little Bit of Heaven
5 Fannigans Isle/ Orange and Green Disc 2/The Clifs of Dooneen
6 Cathy Ryan/ Sheain Bhain
7 Howie MacDonald/At the Dance Last Night/Jerry & Joey Jigs
8 Charlie MacKinnon \Waters Of Bras D’Ore
9 Shaun Kelly/Escentially Scottish/Here’s to the tartan
10 Celtic Crossover\ Scottish Soldier
11 Howie MacDonald/The Ceilidh Trail/Kenmure’s Awa’, Murray River Bridge
12 Melody & Derrick Cameron/ Sincerely/Puirt with Joy
13 Melody & Derrick Cameron/ Sincerely/”A” Good Figure
14 Foster and Allan/Home Boys Home
15 Jennifer Roland/ Dedication/ Traditional Medley


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