#863, December 4, 2016 Show

December 4, 2016

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Host Janet Stubbert
Technical Producer Co-Host Mark Korman

Guests: CINQ Producer/Host Dmitri, CINQ Producer, Host Lenny Rain

1 Dimitrie and Lenny’s family Christmas trees
2 Stories from Cape Breton Christmas Memories
writted by Glen Gray KLEE Radio, Cape Breton N.S.
3 The December 6th 1917 Halfiax Explosion
4 The 1945 Bedford Naval Arnament Depo Magazine Explosion

1 The Chieftains/ The Wren
2 The Chieftains/ Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly
3 Anna McGoldrick/ Maggie McGee
4 The Royal Guardsman/ Snoopy’s Christmas
5 The Irish Rovers// The Marvelous Toy
6 Ashley MacIsaac/ Childrens Medley
7 Anna McGoldrick/ An Irish Christmas Party/ Miss Fogertys Christmas Cake
8 Howie MacDonald/The Ceilidh Trail/ Irish Reels, Joe Howatts Reel
9 Kathy and Frank/ We wish you a Merry Christmas
10 Anna Mc/Goldrick, White Christmas


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