A Dancing Experience

July 11, 2009

Although Mae had to press her slightly upturned nose against the window, had to grimace, to see anything five feet in front of her, she resolutely refused to wear eye glasses. Her attractive luxuriant red hair piled high atop her well formed head, intense green eyes squinted, head craned forward, excitedly she made her way through life.

Mae marched to the tune of her own drummer. Always a half step ahead of everyone else. A feeling of reckless merriment, fun, and frolic flowed around her causing her rather conservative siblings to look the other way. Always the life of the party, Mae stumbled gleefully into one escapade after another. In her late forties faced with great changes in her life she embarked on a new pastime, ball room dancing. With a howling laugh that caught the attention of everyone within earshot she was soon recognized everywhere great dancers gathered. Apart from the great belly laugh she was a natural. Showing off her long slim legs she gracefully arched her tall, slim, frame and danced dramatically across the burnished floor. Her ability to make her partner look talented, handsome, and polished earned her esteem and respect from her peers.
In celebration of the conclusion of her first year of classes she and her partner were to dance the tango and another very hot, Latin dance in a lavish show.
“I’m going to dazzle everyone, especially my family,”
Mae thought as she bent over the resplendent soft tulle of her dress.

Long hours had been spent shopping for pantyhose and dancing shoes to match the misty fibre of her dress. The pantyhose she liked proved to be a problem to find. Mae liked a heavy control top with a very fine silk leg. It eliminated the need for undies and their unsightly panty line. She found only one pair left in the specialty shop. Squinting at her watch she realized she had very little time. She must hurry home to meet her invited guests and prepare for the gala.
Large chandeliers cast sparkling light down upon the expectant spectators seated in the spacious elaborate hall. A murmur of excited voices could be heard above the clink of glasses as time closed upon the moment.

Back stage was a disaster zone. Male and female alike had to change into costume wherever an unoccupied space was found. An array of violet, crimson, canary yellow, shocking pink tulle and satin dresses and tuxedos blanketed everything. Mae, high strung at the best of times, was now frantic. She and her partner were scheduled to dance a very fast two step followed by a sexy tango. They were next. Taking a quick last look into the mirror she discovered a run in her pantyhose. The woman next to her tossed her a pair; “You can have these. I don’t need them.” In a panic she tore open the package and pulled them on just as her cue was given.

Within seconds she was twirling, her azure skirt rising up and out around her waist as they danced across the mirror-like dance floor. She knew they made a sensational appearance. They were indeed a striking couple. Forcing herself to relax a dreamy look crossed her face as she and her partner took centre stage in the bright spot light. Something seemed a little amiss. She wasn’t quite sure what it was. Every time her partner twirled her she felt a cool breeze rise up her thighs to her waist. Concentrating harder on the technical steps, she followed her partner flawlessly through the beautiful dance. The appreciative audience applauded. She beamed basking in the acclaim. Never had she felt so good. Head held high she pranced off the stage holding her partner’s hand rose to shoulder height.

At home, later that night, tired but happy she prepared for bed. Much to her alarm she realized the pantyhose she wore were sheer. See through! She wasn’t wearing undies!
Red faced and humbled, she waited for the many expected congratulatory calls.


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