A Lesson Learned

August 21, 2009

It was a day to be happy in. The sun was warm and the breeze soft.
My friend Ellen offered to help me wash the car. We decided to take a bucket, rope, wash cloths, and soap down to the Halifax wharf to do the job.
The trick of getting water into the bucket and pulling it up onto the pier was our biggest concern at that moment.
Two young men drove by. Within a moment or two they were back again. This time they parked at a reasonable distance from us and sat watching us. They continued to watch for five or ten minutes before moving their car closer to our position. Ellen and I were becoming nervous under their intense scrutiny. We were on the Halifax waterfront in the commercial area of the city. Looking around we found ourselves to be the only ones there with the exception of the two men in the car. Again, they drove closer. This time they were within speaking distance. Rudely we addressed them.
“Is there a problem?”
“Are you going to wash your car?” they asked.
“Yes.” I answered in a rather sharp, impolite fashion.
“Well,” he replied “Don’t wash it with salt water. It will RUST the metal”.
“Red faced and repentant we thanked them as they drove off.
Yes, the Atlantic Ocean!
That’s where we were going to haul water from to wash my car!


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