A message from Aindriu MacGabhann

June 1, 2012

Dear friends,
Due to the ongoing student protests in Montreal , a 16 year folk music tradition has come to an end. The traditional Irish music jam sessions at McKibbin’s Irish pubs have been halted by management as business is declining according to recent audits. A staff spokesman from the Montreal Irish pub blamed falling sales figures on street protests over the past two months…. A sad number of cutbacks in the public service and tourist sector in Quebec threatens not only public events but the livelihood of restaurant workers and local musicians. When will we be released from this painful stalemate between protesters and government. The reputation of this beautiful city is blemished by these unfortunate events. It is hard enough to make a living from music and the arts here without constant turmoil on the streets every night. I don’t know where the moral is or where this story will end but I have three children to feed and work as a musician is under threat in the downtown core of Montreal. My move to Canada from Ireland was to improve my chance to thrive as an artist in this enlightened country. I hope some form of compromise will come soon to end the summer of our discontent.

Aindriu MacGabhann


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