A Tribute to renowned Cape Breton fiddler Jerry Holland

July 2, 2011

‘Ceilidh In The Sky’

As he drew his last breath the fiddler – drew his bow across the strings.

An angel came, placed the fiddle in its case and delivered it to the Lord,

Saying this is Jerry’s fiddle.  He came in today and presently is at the, Doryman

With Winston, John Morris and Archie Neil, getting acquainted, because you see   it’s been a long time between tunes.

The Lord nodded.   It’s good to have Jerry and his fiddle amongst us and in such good company but hurry with his fiddle and along the way pick up that fella called John Allan.   They need a twelve string to accompany them as they welcome Jerry to his,  ‘Ceilidh in the Sky’

 Written by Ron Gillis of North Sydney, Cape Breton, N. S.

Aired on Scottish Voice.org July 2.2011


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