About the ScottishVoice

Scottish Voice provides in-studio guests, community news, segments on news from Scotland, what Scots are doing around the world, Scottish history, trivia, and all tied together with a blend of old and new Celtic music.

The ScottishVoice radio show airs every Saturday at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on CINQ 102.3 FM. The station is also available on Cable Radio on 88.3 FM, and live on the internet, access your favorite player on the right.

Do you have a favourite song or a favourite artist? Is there someone you would like us to interview or a topic you would like us to cover? Let us know. We would love to hear from you.

You can contact Janet at janetstubbert [@] hotmail.com

History of the program
On October 9th, 1999, Quebec’s only Scottish radio program, ‘Scottish Voice’, hit the airwaves in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The format of the program was a half-hour bi-monthly news, information magazine, with musical segments. On September 9th, 2000 the program was extended to a one-hour weekly format. Scottish Voice strives to provide a venue for Celts who would not otherwise have access to the airwaves.

Janet ‘Seonaid’ Stubbert, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / HOST
Janet, daughter of Mary Sarah Rankin and John Duncan Stubbert hails from Inverness, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Her background in accounting and public relations was an asset when she co-founded an organization with offices in Longueil, Quebec, to assist the needy.

Janet has been active on the Celtic scene over the years in Nova Scotia and Quebec. In addition to being a life long organizer, Janet was President of the Montreal Gaelic Club and editor of the publication ‘Math Fhein’. She produced the first Scottish Voice show on Radio Centre-Ville, CINQ 102.3 FM on October 9th, 1999.