All In A Days Work

August 21, 2009

John on his way home for lunch was surprised to see Hanna, his sister, rushing blindly down the street. Pulling his car up to the curb he honked the horn. Not stopping to speak with him she continued down the street calling to him over her shoulder,
“I can’t stop I’m in a hurry.”
John, in his car, followed along beside her.
“Get in I’ll drive you home.” he said.
“I can’t go home.” she wailed.
“Why?” her concerned brother asked her.
“Mom’s going to kill me!” she cried.
“Why?” John asked. Anna cried harder.
“Where are you going?” he tried again.
“I’m going to look for a job.”
“A job?”
“Oh” wailed Hanna “I broke mom’s old crock mixing bowl and she’s going to kill me when she finds out. I’ve got to get a job.”
John calmed his sister and took her home to face the consequences.


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