Ambrose Germain Stubbert, March 22, 1920 – April 4, 1988

August 3, 2009

WW11 Veteran Ambrose Germain Stubbert
March 22, 1920 – April 4, 1988 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Ambrose was the second child and first born son of Mary Sarah Rankin and Jack Duncan Stubbert. He was advisor and confidant to his mother who relied on his advice in all family matters.
Ambrose was a hard worker, a good husband, a kind and loving father, a caring son, and the best brother anyone could wish for.
His wife and children were a blessing to him. He enjoyed their successes and shared their sad times.
He had great pride in his family and he was always ther to support them in new jobs and/or adventures.

He was like his mother, a good and kind person, understanding, thoughtful, and caring. No matter the hour, the time, or the person in need, he would give his all. There was never a problem without a solution, nor a need without a response when he was around.

Ambrose had a wonderful sense of humour and ;loved to find nick-names for everyone. He had such a great laugh I can still remember it to-day. I have lost my best friend,…my brother, Remembered always with a sad heart and much love. R.I.P.


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