An Comunn Gàidhealach Events

November 15, 2009

• 21 Nov 2009 – Echoes of the Mod with Meantime Ceilidh Band and Mod Prizewinners
• 21 Nov 2009 – Meur Ghallaibh den Comunn Gàidhealach – Folk and Gaelic Bothy Afternoon
• 21 Nov 2009 – Meur Ghallaibh den Comunn Gàidhealach – Branch Ceilidh
An Comunn Gàidhealach is a voluntary membership organisation, with charitable status, founded in Oban in 1891 as a vehicle for the preservation and development of the Gaelic language.
It actively encourages the teaching, learning and use of the Gaelic language and the study and cultivation of Gaelic literature, history, music and art. Initially, the Association was concerned with the founding of a Gaelic Festival modelled on the Welsh Eisteddfod. This Festival was called The Mod and it is a result of considerable endeavors that now, 100 years later due recognition has been granted to the Mod in the form of the Royal assent. The Festival is now known as The Royal National Mod.
Her Majesty the Queen is patron of An Comunn Gàidhealach, and the Charity No. is SCO01282.
The Association is usually referred to as “An Comunn” the Association. For many throughout the world An Comunn is the body which represents the Gaelic language.


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