April 20, 2013 # 681

April 20, 2013

Producer/Host: Janet Stubbert                         
Technical Producer Co-Host: Mark Korman
April 20, 2013 show log          

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Todays show is dedicated to the family and friends of Rita MacNeil


News Item:

New Program: An extention of Yesterday’s News – Round Table from 2:30 to 3 pm,

1      Rita MacNeil w Men of the Deeps/Mining the Soul/I Shall Not Walk Alone   

2      Jenna Reid/ With Silver & All/ Hector the Hero        

3      Rita MacNeil Men Of The Deeps; / Sweet Jesus               

4      Rita MacNeil w Men of the Deeps/Mining the Soul/ Home I’ll Be 

5      Ashley MacIsaac/ Close to the Floor/ Miss Lyall’s

6      Rita MacNeil/Blue Roses/ Never Under 85      

7      Scott MacMillan & Janine Randall/ Summer Sessions on the Ceilidh Trail

        Jigs on guitar and piano

8      Rita MacNeil/Blue Roses/ Blue Roses

9      Sandy MacIntyre/Island Treasure/The Sound of Mull

10     Rita MacNeil/Blue Roses/ Moon Was Rising

11     Rita MacNeil w Men of the Deeps/Mining the Soul/ Farewell toNova Scotia

12     Ashley MacIssac/ Failte Airs and Waltzes/ Blue Bonnets Over The Border

13     Pipes & Drums, 1BN, King’s Own Scottish Borderers/ Lochaber No More



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