Ashley MacIsaac held his own anti-PETA protest

November 5, 2011

Cape Breton fiddler Ashley MacIsaac, wearing a muskrat fur coat and carrying a neon pink sign, held his own anti-PETA protest Friday in Windsor, Ont., where People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activists were staging a protest.

The organizers, a pair of scantily clad women, handed out “violation notices” to people wearing clothing or shoes made from animals, while MacIsaac stood nearby, defiantly wearing a muskrat fur jacket.

Emily Lavender, an Ottawa-based campaign organizer for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, said

“There are so many fashionable options available today that no animal has to die for. We’re dealing with stolen goods here, from the backs of animals.”

MacIsaac held a sign that stated “Shame on PETA” on one side and “Support Canada’s Seal Hunt” on the other.

“PETA does some shameful things,” said MacIsaac. “It’s nice to see them come out and promote ethical treatment of animals and to wear bikinis on a cold day. But I’m from the East Coast where they have inhibited our seal hunts.”

Windsor was the latest stop on PETA’s tour of southern Ontario cities.

Excerpt from: Dan Janisse – The Windsor Star  Published on November 4, 2011


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