Cambo – The Snowdrop Capital

March 9, 2010

For obvious reasons, the tourist season in Scotland in February and March is pretty quiet, with most of the main tourist attractions closed The exceptions are Historic Scotland properties and some gardens and country parks which are available throughout the year. But there are not many flowers in bloom in Scotland in February – the honourable exception being, of course, snowdrops. So over 50 gardens across the country have joined together to participate in a “Snowdrop Festival”. The Cambo Estate in the north of Fife, along the coast from St Andrews, has led the way in this project and Tam O’Ranter went along to see what has now become a “National Collection” of snowdrops there, with 300 varieties in 70 acres of woodland. In addition to illustrations of some of the snowdrops in his article, there is a Windows media slide show of these heralds of spring. See


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