Cape Breton’s unemployment rate ends year at 15.9 per cent

January 8, 2012

SYDNEY — Cape Breton closed out 2011 much the way it started the year, in terms of the unemployment rate.

December’s numbers represent a slight increase from November’s 15.8 per cent, and the 15.6 per cent recorded in December of the previous year. 

Cape Breton’s labour force was comprised of 62,300 people in the last month of the year — 52,800 were employed and 10,000 were unemployed.

 At 7.8 per cent, the jobless rate across Nova Scotia in December was down almost a full percentage point from November’s province-wide figure. The provincial rate is significantly lower than Cape Breton’s, which consistently has the highest unemployment rate in Nova Scotia. The unemployment rate was down in Newfoundland and New Brunswick, but up slightly in Prince Edward Island.

Nationally, Statistics Canada reported that the economy began creating jobs again in December after two straight months of declines, but it was not enough to prevent the official unemployment rate from edging up a notch to 7.5 per cent. Canada added 17,500 jobs during the month, but the jobless rate increased because there were more people actively looking for work.

Canada added 199,000 jobs in 2011, almost all in the first six months of the year.

The monthly employment figures for specific regions of Canada, such as Cape Breton, are determined by a three-month moving average of unemployment rates unadjusted for seasonality, while national and provincial numbers reflect monthly numbers that are seasonally adjusted.

From the Cape Breton Post   January  8, 2012

 Topics : Statistics Canada , Cape Breton , Nova Scotia , Canada According to labour market data released Friday by Statistics Canada, 15.9 per cent of the labour force was unemployed on the island in December. In January of 2011, the rate stood at 16.2 per cent.


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