Cape Breton (Poem by H. C. MacDonald)

December 17, 2009

A little place, but such a lovely one,
A place of lakes and hills and peaceful dales
A place of simple homes and kindly hearts,
A place of winding roads and woodsy trails.

A place where weary hearts will find content
Where tired eyes will brighten at the sight
Of sunsets glory or the hues of dawn
Or starry skies that roof the world of night.

A little place, but they who wander wide
Through other lands and all their grandeur see
No fairer spot than this can ever find,
Or nearer Nature’s heart can ever be.

A little place, but when its scenes so fair
The stranger’s eyes in wonder does behold,
He cries like Sheba’s Queen of long ago
Who said ‘The half to me was never told’.

A little place, Cape Breton-by-the-sea
A tiny speck upon the Earth’s great face
But oh! The boundless wealth of loveliness
That God has crammed into this little place.

“H. C. MacDonald”


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