Sir John A. MacDonald Quotes

May 16, 2017

“Let us be English or let us be French, but above all let us be Canadian.” “A British subject I was born. A British subject I will die.” “Give me better wood and I will build a better cabinet.” “Anybody can support me when I am right. What I want is a man to support […]

McCulloch, Thomas

August 31, 2009

Born in Scotland 1776 – 1843 Clergyman, social reformer, author, educator. Ordained a minister 1799 of the Secession branch of the Presbyterian Church (1838) First President of Dalhousie University in Halifax He founded Pictou Academy, Nova Scotia in 1816. He modeled the curriculum on Scottish universities.

Private Jimmy Stokes

August 31, 2009

Plans to Pay Tribute to VC Hero (2003) Private Jimmy Stokes, who was born in the Gorbals district of Glasgow, won the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest military honor for bravery, when he single-handedly captured 17 German soldiers in the Second World War, even though he had been wounded eight times. Now the local people in […]

James Graham, 1ST Marques of Montrose (1612-50)

August 31, 2009

Montrose, disappointed with the extremist leaders of Presbyterianism, became a champion of the crown in Scotland against the Covenanters. He obtained a commission as Lieutenant-general from the king who elevated him to the rank of marques. His great skills and leadership abilities brought him success in the Highlands against armies three times the size of […]

George Buchanan (1506-1582)

August 31, 2009

Tutor to King James V, Mary Queen of Scots and King James VI. George Buchanan’s Latin satires on the friars invited the resentment of Cardinal Beaton and he was consequently imprisoned for a time When he irritated members of the Inquisition in Portugal he was confined to a monastery. While in prison George worked on […]

Robert the Bruce

August 31, 2009

June 7, 1329 Robert the Bruce died at Cardross Castle in Dunbartonshire. The cause of his death remains unclear, but he might have died of leprosy. Robert met his rival for the leadership of the resistance movement, John Comyn at the Greyfriars’ church in Dumfries in 1306. A fight ensued and John Comyr was killed. […]

John Anderson

August 25, 2009

Born July 08, 1882 Designed the air raid shelter

Homage To Monarch Of The Glen

August 6, 2009

The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh has launched their first-ever exhibition of works by the 19th century English painter Sir Edwin Landseer. Landseer created one of the most famous Scottish painting icons – the Monarch of the Glen. The magnificent stag amid purple heather and rugged mountains has adorned many a wall and shortbread tin. […]

Alexander MacKenzie

August 6, 2009

Canada’s most important explorer – He was the first person to make an overland crossing of the full width of the North American continent. The Mackenzie River is named for him Youngest senior partner of the North West Company he became Member of Parliament in Britain He died on a farm in Scotland 1820

Angus L. MacDonald 1890 – 1945

August 6, 2009

Born in Dunvegan, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1890, Angus L. MacDonald was educated at St. Francis Xavier, Dalhousie, and Harvard Universities. He served in WW1 Admitted to the Bar of Nova Scotia (1921) Assistant Attorney-General for the province of N. S. Professor at Dalhousie University (1930) Leader of the Liberal Party in Nova Scotia […]

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