Were they the good old days?!!

June 29, 2018

In 1824 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Norman MacLeod suggested the Gaelic bible should be printed with clearer and larger print. He was told to advise his Highland friends to get spectacles. This shows the degree of discrimination that existed against Highlanders back in the 1800’s.

Celtic Tree Astrology-April 15 – May 12

April 15, 2016

Celtic Tree Astrology: The Willow Willow – The Observer April 15 – May 12 If you are a Willow sign, you are ruled by the moon, and so your personality holds hands with many of the mystical aspects of the lunar realm. This means you are highly creative, intuitive (highly psychic people are born under […]

History of some Scottish Highland Dances

August 1, 2015

The Highland Fling This is the oldest of the traditional dances of Scotland.According to tradition, the old kings and chiefs of Scotland used the Highland Dances as a way of choosing the best men for their men at arms. These dances tested a warrior’s strength, stamina, accuracy, and agility. The ancient warriors and clansmen performed […]


December 13, 2009

Whuppity Scoorie – 1st March is a celebration by the young lads of Lanark. It is a relic of the days when making a lot of noise was believed to frighten away the evil spirits. Pennies from the Common Good Fund were thrown and the children tousled to pick them up. Balls of paper or […]


December 13, 2009

February/Feabhra Feast of Saint Brigid (Ireland) Celebrates the life of Ireland’s Saint Brigid who was known for her generosity, hospitality and her love of art. Candlemas Day – Imbolic Festival – most commonly held on 2 February is one of four main festivals celebrated by Celts. It is now a Scottish legal “quarter day” when […]

Scottish Traditions held in January

December 13, 2009

Hogmanay on 31 December is the celebration of bringing in the New Year 1st January – First footing after the bells have rung in the New Year is still common – The “first foot” across the threshold of a home after midnight is considered to have taken the home’s first footing bring luck and happiness […]

Clan tradition

December 13, 2009

Clan was the name given to a group of Kinsmen who were united under a chief. They claimed a common ancestry and lived as one great family under the protection of the chief on the lands he possessed. The clansmen and Sept members were remarkably loyal and defended their chief to the death.


December 13, 2009

WHAT TREE IS YOURS? This is in line with Celtic astrology and somewhat accurate The following Birth dates have their own tree..not shared with any other month. Mar 21 (only) – Oak Tree, Jun 24 (only) – Birch Tree Sep 23 (only) – Olive Tree, Dec 22 (only) – Beech Tree Dec 23 to Jan […]