Comhairle na Gàidhlig – The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia

July 12, 2009

Comhairle na Gaidhlig welcomes you!
Comhairle na Gàidhlig is a non-profit society dedicated to the maintenance and promotion of the Gaelic language and culture in Nova Scotia: the only region outside Scotland where they remain everday aspects of community life. Gaels in Nova Scotia are a unique society; we draw on a shared tradition with Scotland, but our culture is shaped by the experiences of Canadian pioneers. For thousands of Nova Scotians, the Gaelic language and culture is a birthright – one that has been in jeopardy over the years. Comhairle na Gàidhlig works with individuals and groups throughout the province, and throughout the world, to preserve and perpetuate our distinct Gaelic culture.

Comhairle na Gàidhlig is committed to representing the individuals, organizations and institutions of which the provincial Gaelic community is composed. That means being accesible to our membership and keeping the public informed of our work. We see this website as an important part of that commitment and hope you find it useful. Please take your time to explore the wealth of information collected here and return often for updates on our activities.

Contact Us
You can reach our executive board members and our committee chairs by referring to the About Comhairle na Gàidhlig section. For general inquiries, please send your comments to:
The Gaelic Council of Nova Scotia
PO Box 123 Iona, NS
B2C 1N8

You reach us by phone at (902) 863-7462, or by emailing
Information for event listings should be sent directly to Please send details at least two week in advance. Be sure to include the date, time, location (community and venue), as well as a brief description of activities. Contact information is also useful.


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