Commemorating Wallace’s victory at Stirling

July 16, 2009

Thanks to Mel Gibson, the world knows about Wallace’s victory at Stirling. Surely it’s time to make it a national celebration. For many years The Society of William Wallace have faithfully turned up on the day to remember the day and those who died for their country, but too few of us have joined them.

This year the event encompasses a march from the castle, the commemoration and then a chance to have a damn guid nite oot. The gig is heading for a sell out so get your tickets soon or alternatively there are some fine hostelries in Stirling to enjoy. If you are traveling any distance it’s well worth staying over and visiting the castle, the Wallace Monument or Cambuskenneth Abbey. (There is a local story that after Wallace’s body was quartered and displayed throughout the country as a warning to other Scots some of the monks obtained one of his hands and buried it in consecrated ground at Cambuskenneth. There is a very old stone there simply engraved “WW”. —-just maybe.?)

Ted Christopher
Bannockburn Band


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