Cops raid gran’s allotment after mistaking parsnips for cannabis

August 19, 2009

DRUGS police raided a pensioner’s plot after her parsnips were mistaken for cannabis.

Officers searched Wilma Watts’ polytunnel following a tip-off that she was growing drugs.
But they were left red-faced when all they found was vegetables.

Community council secretary Wilma, 61, said: “They sent two policemen and when they said it was about the polytunnel, I thought, ‘Oh, the community police are going to have a polytunnel’.

“But then they said, ‘It’s not about your polytunnel, it’s about what you are growing in it.’

“They said they were acting on information but that they couldn’t reveal where they heard it.

“One of them said they were sorry about having to disturb me but it has caused a real good laugh.”

Wilma’s polytunnel is packed with carrots, beans, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, parsnips and sweetcorn.

She said she thought someone must have mistaken her sweetcorn plants for drugs.

Wilma, of Tarbert, Loch Fyne, added: “The sweetcorn is enormous and I suppose, from a distance, people could look and speculate about what it is because it is strange looking.

“I have never smoked, I have never done drugs, I have never tasted marijuana.

“I don’t even know what marijuana looks like.”

Wilma’s story emerged days after the Record revealed how officers broke down a great-gran’s front door in Peebles during a bungled drug raid.

Yesterday, Strathclyde Police said they had a duty to investigate any reports made to them.

A spokeswoman said Operation League 2 is targeting those involved in the cultivation of cannabis.

Since September, police have discovered 40,828 cannabis plants around the country, with an estimated value of £12.4million.

Aug 17 2009 By Moira Kerr


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