Do I Know You?

August 21, 2009

Shopping was always a part of our yearly visit to family members who lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Usually my sisters and I all went shopping together in a group. On one such expedition my brother John joined us. Trailing along after each other we checked and rechecked making sure not to lose anyone, talking and laughing as we went. John happily telling us stories, keeping us laughing, waved across the isle to a woman who was standing waving in our direction. Trying to decide who she was, where he knew her from, he looked over his shoulder. To his great embarrassment, sanding directly behind him stood another woman waving back across the isle.

Rushing ahead of us he led us into a different section of the store. Cautiously, he looked around. Suddenly he changed direction, over here he whispered. Unfortunately for John, everywhere we went that morning to John’s great embarrassment he came face to face with the unknown waving woman.


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