Edinburgh Festival Fringe Aug 6 – 30

August 27, 2010

Just a few days left to take in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe
The world’s largest arts festival with over 32,000 performances and more than 2,000 shows packed into 250 venues across the city. The fringe is open to all: anyone can perform and everyone does- from students to superstars.

One of the many events to take in on September: 1 – 5 is
At: Union Gallery
Collaborating for the first and probably only time, this exhibition unites some of Edinburgh’s finest contemporary talents in a powerful and emotional display. This is an exhibition of contrasting styles and content which creates cohesion through the quality of the work and the stature of the artists. Each of the exhibiting artists has gained international recognition for unique and evocative work that challenges and satisfies the viewer. Philip Braham’s meticulous and finely observed Drift series is both reflective and challenging. The iconic, powerful studies of Graham Flack are full of tension and beauty, whilst Michael McVeigh’s dream-like paintings transport us to another world. Having been a major contributor to Scottish figurative painting over the last 30 years, David Hosie continues to produce influential and demanding work that is universally admired. Award-winning artists Olivia Irvine and Henry Kondracki offer their unique perspectives on 21st century life and family. For many years, Edinburgh sculptor John Brazenall has worked as a fine art bronze founder, collaborating regularly with such luminaries as Ian Hamilton Finlay and, in New York, Julian Schnabel. His own work, rarely exhibited, is anarchic, playful and beautifully conceived. Part of the 2010 EAF


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