Edna Florence (Stubbert) Jordan

January 26, 2014

July 28 1914 – January 17, 2014

 During Edna’s almost 100 years with us she experienced and learned many things on her journey.

Holding on to her Grandmother, Flora MacDonnell Stubbert’s long skirt she learned to walk.  

 Working beside her mother Mary Sarah Rankin Stubbert she became an excellent cook and housekeeper.

Edna wanted to be a figure skater but unfortunately, back in those days’ figure skates weren’t readily available; So it was not to be.

 Edna enjoyed house parities and dancing with her husband Vern

Her ability as a seamstress was amazing.  On many occasions she stepped in just hours before a wedding to fix a wedding dress or to re-make a bridesmaid dress.  This was all done quietly and professionally saving the day.                       

Edna loved family and stayed true to her roots visiting her siblings and her place of birth every year for many years.    

She loved history…especially family history.  And often spoke about old aunts, uncles and cousins from her childhood.

 In later years you would find Edna sitting up late at night watching wrestling cheering on her favourites and loudly calling out their opponents. 

I believe Edna’s favourite place on earth was Margaree, CB where she spent many happy times with her grandparents.

 Edna loved beautiful colours, flowers and trees.  She enjoyed standing at her patio door watching rabbits and wild turkeys walk through her back yard.

If you wanted to make Edna happy all you had to do was bring her sweets, especially fudge… She loved fudge and she loved little angels…

 Edna we will love you into eternity.

If you should wake tomorrow
And find that I’m not there
Remember how much I love you
And please don’t shed your tears

 For my life on earth is over
My days have all been fulfilled
I did what God intended
My rows have all been tilled.

 Just think of me with smiles
Hold my memory in your heart
For if you don’t forget me
We’ll never be apart

 For all the loves I held so dear
I’ll be there by your side
Watching standing over you
I’ll always be your guide

 And if one day you feel a sense
A whisper in your ear
Don’t be afraid, it’s only me
To let you know I’m near

And if we never got to hug
Or say the word goodbye
Please don’t have a broken heart
And sit around and cry

 Remember that I loved the Lord
And made my peace within
I prayed for his forgiveness
He washed away my sins

 So if I die tomorrow
And the sun for you won’t shine
Just look up towards the heavens
I’m with the great Divine



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