Father John Angus Rankin

July 8, 2009

Father John Angus Rankin

Father John Angus Rankin, parish priest at Glendale, feels very strongly that fiddle music is an expression of the Gaelic language. Father Rankin has been one of the driving forces behind the Cape Breton Fiddler’s Association and the staging of the fiddling festival. In addition to keeping the Scottish culture alive in Cape Breton, Father Rankin believes the festival provides fiddlers with the opportunity to show their world their fiddling skills. The Association and festival were started in the early 1970’s to “bring fiddlers out of the woods”, to join the ranks a few better-known fiddlers on the island. Father Rankin sees a definite revival of fiddling occurring.

This article appeared ON August 1, 1979 in the Glace Bay Coastal Courier (Writer unknown)

Father John Angus was a cousin to my mother Mary Sarah Rankin. They had a wonderful close relationship. Fr. Rankin came to Halifax to celebrate mass with my mom and dad on their 60th anniversary Through the years he sent her taped recordings of family gatherings in Cape Breton on which he sang and dedicated songs to her.


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