Gaelic lesson – February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

To count our medals in the Vancouver Olympic Games here are a few key words in Gaelic.

1 – aon “UHN”

2 – dhà “GAH”

3 – trì “TAREE”

4 – ceithir “KAY-her”

And now, to insert them into a statement about our Vancouver Olympic medal count!

Medal – bonn (singular) “bown”

Medals – buinn (pl.)

We have 4 gold medals.

Tha ceithir buinn oir againn.
“Ha KAYher booyin OR ackain.”

We have 3 silver medals.

Tha tri buinn airgead againn.
“Ha TAREE booyin AIRAGED ackain.”

We have one bronze medal.

Tha aon bonn umha againn.
“Ha UHN bown OOA ackain.”


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