August 30, 2009

Nearly 260 years after the Battle of Culloden, the site of the last battle of the unsuccessful Jacobite Uprising of 1745/46, archaeologists are still uncovering artifacts from the battle site. Researchers from Glasgow University and the Highland Historical Research Society were working on an area of the battlefield which had not previously been excavated and reported a series of “exciting” finds including part of a bayonet, a mortar shell and a pewter crucifix amulet, probably from the Western Isles. The mortar shell showed that it had been fired at infantry to break up a Jacobite charge on that part of the battlefield. The finds will be included in a definitive book about the battle which is to be published in time for the official opening of a new visitor centre at the site which is due to open officially on 16 April 2007, the 261st anniversary of the battle.


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