Fishermen have to be rescued after capsizing kayak to escape angry lobster

October 9, 2010

Oct 6 2010 By Christine Lavelle
TWO canoeists out to catch lobsters had to be rescued after dropping a creel into the bottom of their kayak and capsizing in panic. The petrified pair had to cling to the side of their craft for around half an hour.

The men’s plight – in bitterly cold waters – was eventually spotted by members of a British Legion club overlooking the area.
Lifeboats from Fisherrow and Kinghorn, in Fife, were called out. But before they reached the scene, the brother of one of the men paddled out in a makeshift life raft.

Forth Coastguard officer Simon Ward said: “You can imagine the scene. It was like watching something from a comedy sketch.”

A Coastguard spokesman said they discovered 3 individuals by the shore who
refused medical treatment.

Simon Smart, who coordinated the rescue which cost an estimated £4500, said:
“It transpired that the men were using one kayak to put the lobsters in.
“One of them has freaked out when the lobsters got into the other boat.

“The brother went out on his craft, which we would rate as quite unseaworthy, to get them and paddled back to shore.” This has been an incredibly foolish thing to do. “You can slip into unconsciousness in well under an hour in those conditions.
“They have gone out in low light, without life jackets and in kayaks.”
And after all their efforts, the canoeists ended up empty-handed.
It’s understood their lobsters escaped back into the sea.


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