Four Or Forty?

August 27, 2009

Four year old Gordon playing in the front yard with his brother, sister, and their friends pushed the envelope by deliberately leaving the confines of the yard and placing one small foot out onto the street.
The older children immediately reported this transgression and Gordon was summonsed into the house. His little blond head appeared at the living room doorway. Speechless and with a look of wonder on his face he preparing for the expected lecture. Placing one small tanned hand on the door jam, he leaned his small round body against it. Crossing his chubby, short-clad legs, he gazed at me. Expressionless, and wide eyed, he listened attentively, gazing quietly into my eyes. After several moments of contemplation he asked in a quiet matter of fact voice “Is that all?”
Trying valiantly to bite back the explosion of laughter caught in my throat I looked down at my feet and nodded my head. Gordon, not hesitating for a second disappeared down the hallway on his way out to confront his peers. What was a mother to do?


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