Ghosts at the Fortress of Louisburg, C. B., N.S.

August 23, 2009

The Fortress of Louisburg is said to be haunted by at least four ghosts.

The most prominent one, a sea captain is said to be helpful. He has stopped people from falling on stairs and has greeted people or passed them even during the day and disappeared.

Another ghost, a nurse, is said to be in the un-constructed part of the fortress. She walks the grounds by the old hospital weeping as she walks.

A violent poltergeist is haunting the king’s bastion bakery and has moved and damaged property there as well as locking doors and moving big bread holders which weigh approximately 300 pounds each.

Finally the ghost of a crying child has been seen crying for its mother the child ghost is accompanied by gun and cannon fire and screams of men in battle.


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