Gold Plated China

August 21, 2009

John and his wife Patricia frequently entertained family and friends in their Boston home. Having twelve invited dinner guests at their table at one time was not out of the ordinary for them.

John decided their china dinner set, a wedding gift, needed replacement. Pat loved the old china but she had to agree it was beginning to show its age. There were a few small chips on the beautiful plates and cups from their constant use. Reluctantly she agreed it was time to invest in new china. Surprised that her husband wanted to help pick out the new dinnerware, Pat followed him in and out of the many various department stores that carried good china.

Eventually in one of the stores a salesperson showed them an attractive display. The beautiful china was decorated in a rich gold and blue pattern. It was positively beautiful. Examining it closely John inquired about the price and found it to be within the range he wanted to spend. Pat thought a place setting for eight would be sufficient John thought they really needed a 12 place setting. Discussing it for some time John and Pat finally decided to purchase a place setting for twelve.
The decision finally made, John said with a smile,
“Wrap it up and ship it out”
as he reached into his pocket for his wallet. The sale was tallied up and the $2,400.00 bill and presented to John.
“What!” he said, flustered and red faced. Turning to his wife he whispered, “I thought she said the complete set was $200.00.”
Straightening up, pulling his shoulders back, chest out he addressed the saleslady “Just a moment. My wife would like to have a second look at the set next door. We’ll be right back.”
He walked away from the startled clerk with his startled wife in tow.

“Come on dear, we’ll have another look.”
It was not he who finally went to purchase the new china set. Pat, along with her mother, and John’s visa card, made the final purchase. We all know it wasn’t the two thousand dollar set she bought.


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