A Great Find!

August 27, 2009

As I was climbing into the car I heard my young son calling me. There he was with his friend approaching from half a block away. His loud shouts got lost in the noise of the passing traffic. Nevertheless, I did hear enough to understand he needed to tell me something important.

Patiently waiting, I watched as they approached. Straining my ears I tried to discern his garbled words. With a surge of great excitements he rushed towards me pulling hard on a heavily leaden wagon.
I didn’t panic at first when I glimpsed his treasure at a distance. A large furry something or other. But it didn’t take long for me to react when to my great amazement I looked upon a huge moose head, bloodied and fly plagued, secured to his wagon. In horror I urgently, and loudly, demanded to know where he found this thing.

“How did you got it on the wagon? Who does it belong to?”
All the while he patently petitioned me to allow him to keep it.
“Can I keep it mom, pleeese? I’ll put it on my wall.”

Sternly, in a firm, unsympathetic voice, I ordered him to return this thing immediately to where
he found it.

A soft giggle floated down from the gallery high above our heads. The humour in the situation occurred to me when I looked up into the aged face of my eighty-five year old neighbour. She, herself, the mother of six boys and three girls, no doubt, had suffered through many strange circumstances.

Regardless, the answer remained the same. Albeit it was delivered in a more merciful and compassionate manner.


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