Guests on the Oct 03, 2015 show

October 1, 2015

 Æternal Ministries – devoted to spreading the message of Christian unity.

Mike Amelotte-Rhythum Guitat/Lead and Backing Vocals

Paul Despault-Harmonica/Lead and Backing Vocals

Dieter Ferworm – Composer/Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Daniel Garvin-Spokesperson for Aeternal Ministries, Lyricist/Percussion & Backing Vocals,

Sales Associate – Donna Garvin

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More about the members of Aeternal Ministries

Daniel Garvin, Daniel founded Aeternal ministries with Brendan Kelly in 1998. Brendan left the ministry while Daniel chose to team up with Dieter Ferworn who was already a member of the ministry.

Dieter Ferworm a original member of the group is the composer for the ministry devoting much of his time to writing new songs, providing backup vocals and lead guitar.

Paul Despault,
an original member is also a lead vocalist and brings his gift of harmony to the ministry. Paul also plays harmonica on selected songs which blend a haunting sound with polished harmony.

Mike Amelotte, another original member is the lead vocalist for the ministry as well as providing rhythm guitar. Mike is also the vocal coach for the ministry ensuring that their unique sound is never compromised.

Donna Garvin though not a performer with the ministry plays a vital role. Donna handles the financial end of the ministry ensuring that the books are balanced, taxes are paid, the bank account is managed and on top of that Donna attends all engagements managing the sale of our music

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