Homage To Monarch Of The Glen

August 6, 2009

The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh has launched their first-ever exhibition of works by the 19th century English painter Sir Edwin Landseer. Landseer created one of the most famous Scottish painting icons – the Monarch of the Glen.
The magnificent stag amid purple heather and rugged mountains has adorned many a wall and shortbread tin. He was a frequent visitor on the Glenfeshie estate of the Duke and Duchess of Bedford and accompanied Queen Victoria on painting tours around her Balmoral estate. Landseer, together with Sir Walter Scott and Queen Victoria, is credited with fostering the romantic image of the Highlands which still persists.
In his day, his prints and engravings outsold most of his contemporaries, but that very romanticized image for which he is well known has fallen out of favor in recent years. His hunting scenes of baying hounds and their exhausted prey are also out of synch with today’s tastes. But the exhibition of 80 of his works at the RSA, many from private collections never seen in public before, also shows a variety of subjects, including a “Comical Dog” and “Flood in the Highlands”.


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