Hughie and Allan

April 16, 2016

Unfortunately, there is not much information available about Hughie and Allan. I think it is a real shame.

Hughie MacKinnon was a Meat Packer from the north side and Allan MacDougall was a car salesman from South Sydney
They hosted the first ever TV program our of Sydney and they were on the very first Don Messer Jubilee show.
Together they gave us 28 years of down home Cape Breton humour.
When Allan was in hospital Hughie visited him every day and likewise a few years later when Hughie was hospitalized Allan never missed a day visiting him. Hughie insisted that Allan keep a performance engagement they had agreed to before Hughie got ill. On that night when Allan was on stage Hughie died.
It was years before Allan could perform again and only after one of his visits to Hughie’s graveside did he think he could honour his friend by continuing to tell their stories publicly again.
Allan said he never felt alone on stage. He never looked sideways but he always felt Hughie’s presence next to him on stage.
RIP Hughie and Allan


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