July 11, 2009

Inverness, with a population of approximately 1,935, is a former coal-mining and fishing community. Many will know it for its beautiful wave swept ocean sprayed beach. Railway Street running down to the left towards the Ocean will take you passed what was called the Red Rows where once I lived. My father an underground supervisor in the Inverness Coal Mines lived there with us, his family in a Company house.
Our name isn’t recognized by many in the town now even though we lived there for many, many years. As a matter of fact, my mother was born at Broad Cove Banks and I myself followed seven siblings to the altar at Stella Maris Roman Catholic Church to be baptised by the good priest there. The twin steeples of the simple white church can easily be seen rising above the town from its place on the hillside. Drive a little further up the hill and you will come to the Church yard. Some of my relatives are buried there.
I read somewhere just recently that Inverness is the largest town on the Island. I wonder if that is true. The thought made me smile. Inverness, the largest town! It has a hospital, a bank and the very important race track located near the cemetery. A co-op grocery store and a few good restaurants. The town has two motels, a beach resort with about 40 small cabins near the beach about a mile from town. There are two very nice gift shops and a restaurant or two. The Oran, the Inverness newspaper has a beautiful office and is now on the internet.
And what would one find in a Fire House? A ceilidh every Thursday, that’s what!
Inverness, the home of my childhood remembered shall be.
God’s blessing rest on it
Where ever I roam
I shall never forget it
My Cape Breton Home.
(Words taken from the song My Cape Breton Home)


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