Irena Sendlerowa 1910-2008

February 25, 2012

In Memory of

Irena Sendler passed away on Monday May 12th, 2008 at 8:00 am CEST inWarsaw,Poland. A funeral service was held on Thursday, May 15th at noon CEST inWarsaw. Memorial services were held in numerous places around the world, includingFort Scott,KS.

The life of Irena Sendler was one of great testimony, one of courage and love, one of respect for all people, regardless of race, religion and creed. She passed away peacefully, knowing that her message goes on. Our hearts and prayers go out to her worldwide family. She is gone, but will never be forgotten. Born inWarsaw,Poland, she lived most of her young life in Otwock.  Irena Sendlerowa led the rescue of 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto and those hiding in theWarsawarea, during the Holocaust in World War II. She was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her legacy of repairing the world continues, as good continues to triumph over evil.  Irena Sendlerowa was 98 years old.


The web site tells more about Irena’s life (under home page and additional information). The Life in a Jar students, who brought worldwide attention to her story, continue to share her legacy and the play (Life in a Jar) to people all over the world.  



Sympathies for the Family & Friends



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