Ishbel MacAskill 1941-2011

April 5, 2011

A world-renowned Gaelic singer has died after an accident at her Highland home, according to a report from Scottish newspaper, The Press and Journal.
Scotland’s Ishbel MacAskill stumbled and fell in the kitchen of her house in Inverness, Scotland last week. MacAskill is well known to Celtic music fans in Cape Breton and around the globe. She became a fixture of the island’s annual Celtic Colours International Festival, performing at the inaugural Celtic Colours in 1997 and returning numerous times over the festival’s 14-year history.
In an interview with the Cape Breton Post during the 2006 Celtic Colours event MacAskill described coming to Cape Breton as being good for the soul. “This festival has never been just a festival for me. It’s very, very special,” she said at the time.
MacAskill said she had been pleased to witness first-hand the growth of the festival on the
island and commended her “fellow Gaels in Cape Breton” for preserving and maintaining the culture and traditions in their communities. Having travelled the globe during her singing
career and performed in front of many audiences who had never heard Gaelic before, MacAskill said it was refreshing to visit and perform in Cape Breton.
“When I come to Cape Breton I feel like I’ve come home,” she said. “It is so good to come to
where I feel at home and I don’t have to explain my culture.”

MacAskill was 70. A memorial service will be held at a later date.
In the Cape Breton Post April 6, 2011 Wednesday


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