Life’s Position

August 21, 2009

John began his career in hospital work as a jack of all trades. He and his fellow workers occasionally broke the stress by pulling stunts on one another.

A new inexperienced employee was their target on one such stressful day. The poor unsuspecting soul didn’t know what he was in for.

One of their many duties was transporting bodies to the morgue. On this occasion they, thinking it was their duty to train the new man quickly, gave him directions and the route he was to take to the morgue. Anxiously, they took up their watch at a safe distance.
The deceased had passed on in a sitting position. John and the older employees knew the body would return to a sitting position. They took up their watch at a safe distance. Their efforts were not wasted.
The corpse sat up issuing a mournful sound, the attendant’s face turned white. Startled, he dropped his hands and stepped back as the stretcher rolled on. Suddenly he began running. No one could keep up with him. They chased him along the long hall, down several flights of stairs; their feet raised a rapid tattoo clanging down on the metal stairs. Their voices in unison called his name. Unable to keep up with him they gave up the chase.
The terrified attendant didn’t stop for his winter coat or boots. He left the hospital at a dead run and was never heard from again.
John and his co-workers hopefully learned their lesson. Or did they?


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