live petition on (and

February 1, 2012

In December, Alternatives launched a live petition on (and, where the general public is invited to express itsopinion on the controversial policies of the Harper government, by videoor text. Amir Khadir, Louise Beaudoin, and two NDP MPs, Charmaine Borg and FrançoisChoquette, have joined the campaign: Singer-song-writer Paul Cargnello, the campaign’s spokesperson, has alsoexpressed his indignation: The contributions to the site touch upon a variety of issues such asCanada’s disengagement from the Kyoto protocol, bill C-10, the abolitionof the long-gun registry, military expenses, indigenous rights, etc. The site is intended as a virtual forum for the public to continue toexpress its outrage against the conservative government’s decisions inresponse to the eviction of the Occupy Montreal movement. The campaign has also been successful in University media at McgillUniversity and Concordia and McGill students have even set up kiosks oncampus for their peers to access the web platform in between classes. Alternatives director, Michel Lambert, and Campaign Coordinator RogerRashi are available for interviews this week. Press release is attached. Mariama WurieAlternativesSpeak Up! Communications Agent514.982.6606 #2244514.654.7130 On CNW On the CP


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